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Our vision is to import Technical Education and Training of exemplary Academic Standards to our students-brand ambassadors of Pragati College of Engineering & Management.In today’s technological world, every aspiring engineer comes to the college with great dreams of exacting the roles of Team Player, Team Leader and eventually becoming an industrial leader. All these roles demand an all round development of the individuals on their PQ, EQ, IQ and SQ which are the four pillars of their total personality. We at PCEM take care of the physical and intellectual needs of the students with a well qualified and dedicated team of faculty members. Our competent team of staff members supports our student to adware emotional stability by exposing them to personality development & career advancement programs. This is in term help them to emerge as the individuals of higher caliber with very good value system.Thus our students are chiseled out with unique diversions of consciousness, compassion and creativity which make them: Couscous of technological reakthrough. Compassionate towards the society at large. Creators of technological societies All are welcome, who are interested in building an wonderful career for their life time.

Dr.Sushil Kumar

Old Dhamtari Road, Sejbahar, Raipur (C.G.)
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